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Star Meet The Joe and Buzz Team  

The Joe and Buzz team is pretty much family.

A long time ago now, Coby Toland who plays "Buzz" and George Kenyon who plays "Joe" met at a tiny short film festival in Los Angeles where their films (they each directed) did pretty well. Coby and George hit it off and fairly quickly had a "brother from another mother" situation going on.

George (Joe) is actually married to Monica Kenyon who plays Amy Ann on the show and Coby, George and Monica ended up working on a bunch of projects together. This is where the fourth "unseen" member of the family comes in - John Kenyon, George's real brother, does the lion's share of the editing on the show and often serves as the voice of reason.

All four make their living being creative in Los Angeles.

Coby was born in Texas but grew up in Virginia. Monica, though born in Canada was raised in Leland, Mississippi. Both John and George were born and raised in Southern California.

The Joe and Buzz creative process is as follows:

George writes a script.
Everyone weighs in and the script gets changed either a little or a whole lot.
We then shoot with a six camera set up using very basic HD handy cams. The script will change even more as we improvise and throw in new lines to replace things we don't feel are working.
Our goal is to get one take that we can live with.
John (or sometimes Coby) will then edit the episode in Final Cut as a multi-clip, meaning we can synchronize all the cameras and cut it as if it were a live TV show.
Brian Arbuckle from The Sunshine Collective composed our opening and closing music. He also produced Monica's version of Katy Perry's - Firework.

Check out his stuff at


Cast photos by Luke Pickerill:

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